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Introduction of JATF

Introducing to you the Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO), the exemplary pillars of this profound organisation are anchored by JITO. Providing luxurious accommodation toppled with delicious food, the organisation envisions hospitality and comfort of the young nurturing Jain minds. The imperative guidance by the responsible and hard-working management committee has been the outcome for this indigenous success.

To carve a bright future for the young mind has always been the thriving mission of this organisation. The JITO hostel provides the most secure place for striving young Jain minds. With cleanliness next to godliness, JITO hostel rooms are the tidiest for an accommodation here in Bangalore. JITO hostel aims to establish a secure pathway for the people on their journey to unfold their greatness.

Welcome! Rest assured, JITO manages to fulfil the promises made and deep heartedly welcomes everyone to this extra-ordinary organisation.

Our Services

JATF A Saga of Excellence JATF believe’s in the motto” Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the World is one family” JATF is today a conglomerate
comprising of 12 entities with over 180 staff members, working in unison towards the cherished ideals of the founder